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What does a family office do?

A family office provides families and asset holders with support in all aspects of managing their assets. The foundation for this is a long-term, cross-generational investment and management strategy and, depending on the individual situation, a family strategy and succession plan as well.


According to the German Association of Independent Family Offices (VuFO), a reputable and professional family office is underpinned by its expertise in total wealth management freedom from conflicts of interest, independence and remuneration on a fee basis.

Our Promise

As a founding member of the German Association of Independent Family Offices, we conduct our business in accordance with the VuFO Code of Ethics:

  • Our first priority is always the interests of the families and asset holders in our care
  • Our clients can rely on our integrity, honesty and candour
  • Our consultancy service is always objective, relevant and tailored to individual circumstances
  • We are aware of our special position of trust and will use it in a responsible manner
  • The quality and professionalism of our work are our top priority
  • We recognise potential limitations to our professional expertise and seek the assistance of specialists, where necessary
  • Strict confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and we guarantee complete discretion
  • We are always level-headed, conscientious and diligent in our approach to work

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