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– Why MSR? –

Your benefits

Wherever you are, we are, and whenever you have time, we have time too. Our flexibility will make life even easier for you and give you greater freedom.

  • When it comes to managing and growing your total assets, we are trustworthy and absolutely discreet partners
  • Our broad specialist knowledge, combined expertise, unrivalled contacts and excellent conditions enable us to find the best and most effective solutions for you and your assets at all times.
  • Leave us to take care of your administrative tasks, so you have more time to spend with your family and friends
  • Thanks to our outstanding reporting, you will always have a quick and comprehensive overview of all your assets
  • We ensure that investments are always transparent and optimised in terms of cost and quality
  • In collaboration with our experienced network of experts, we offer you excellent strategic and succession planning for all generations
  • We guarantee that your total assets will be constantly reviewed and adapted to comply with fiscal and legal requirements

Things are never what they appear to be.
They are always what you make of them.

Jean Anouilh


peace of mind and structure

Our aim is to work out the different expectations that each individual generation within your family has, and to unite every family member around one common strategy.

Together, we will develop a unique succession plan, devise sensitive ways for you to transfer your assets in the long term, and work out the perfect family strategy for you. By future-proofing your family’s assets, we ensure that every generation will have more freedom and less to worry about.


Our real estate specialists are experts in their field. They provide our clients with support in all aspects of planning, project development, client/proprietor representation, real estate management, project management, realisation and construction. Our team also includes experienced specialists in the field of investments. They act as proprietor representatives in shareholder meetings and are closely involved in transaction processes with the contracted service providers. Both as a proprietor and as an investor, the advice you receive will be free from any conflicts of interest.


MSR is a founding member and member of the board of the German Association of Independent Family Offices, known as VuFO. Within the association, and with the goal of making it easy to identify the quality of a family office, we have – together with other reputable multi and single-family offices – defined the critical quality criteria that should characterise a family office. In addition to independence, these criteria include expertise in total wealth management, freedom from conflicts of interest and remuneration on a fee basis.


We have continually developed and improved our reporting over the years and are now able to illustrate every investment class using the same approach. Real estate, securities, shareholdings – gain an overview of everything at a glance. We are leading the way in Germany with our outstanding reporting. In terms of the performance of your assets, we ensure complete transparency at all times, and we also guarantee the efficient, cost-optimised and well-organised management of your assets.