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Founders and pioneers

Founded by two visionaries, who were brought together by a set of common values and a clear vision of how to manage the assets of high net worth families.


The paths of Johannes Stegmaier and Dr Hermann Siegfried, the Count of Münster, crossed in 1996. Johannes Stegmaier had by that time already identified a niche in the market and spotted the demand for independent and comprehensive investment advice for wealthy families. The Count of Münster was enthusiastic about the idea and supported him in his venture. Together, they founded the Münster Stegmaier Family Office in 2001, marking the beginning of a success story that continues to this day.

Dr Hermann Siegfried, the Count of Münster-Meinhövel and Baron of Oër

Until his retirement he was the partner of a major German bank with personal liability for over two decades. The Count of Münster was a managing director of MSR from 2002 until 2007, and remained a partner in the company until his death in 2016. The Count of Münster was well-known for his Prussian qualities: precision, conscientiousness, diligence, determination and dependability. Equipped with a keen mind and an extensive education, he continued to be a valuable companion to the partners in the company, even after retiring as managing director.

Johannes Stegmaier

He has been the creative and visionary head of the family office since its foundation in 2001. Married, the father of two daughters, and an expert in trusts. Partner and chairman of the advisory board until 2023. He has always been regarded as a courageous and dynamic trailblazer. Having inherited his family’s entrepreneurial gene, independence and freedom of choice are his top priorities. His work is characterised in particular by his reflective, long-term and far-sighted approach to thinking and taking action. Stegmaier is the chairman of the board of a well-known charitable foundation and the holder of various posts on the supervisory and advisory boards of several medium-sized family businesses.

You cannot teach values, you can only act as an example.